It is an established fact that todays era is an era of Quality Management System (QMS). Placement of an efficient QMS in an organization is the real guarantee that the organization is functioning according to the best known quality standards, harmonized and recognized globally. QMS in an organization is also an indicative of its management commitment, with full involvement of its all functionaries, to bring continuous improvement in the products or services, the organization is offering to its clients. This continual improvement in the products or services is many times, beyond the needs and expectation of the clients. In the present world, the embodiment of QMS in every department of an organization, claiming excellence is of vital importance.

QMS also provides an internal and external monitoring system to check and gauge whether the organization is really working excellently and in accordance with the internationally recognized norms and standards. An organization, which will not be pursuing the QMS will be bound to loose its credibility in the forthcoming years.

Alhamdolillah, from the year 2006 SPS has embarked upon an ambitious plan to acclaim and accredit its working operation in accordance with the international quality standards of ISO 9001: 2008. For this purpose a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) was signed with countrys renowned quality institute, PIQC Institute of Quality Lahore for providing consultancy to SPS in fulfilling all the requirements necessary to attain ISO certification. This two years agreement with PIQC Institute of Quality is well on its way of implementation. It is worth mentioning to note here that the PIQC Institute of Quality Chief Consultant and quality guru of Pakistan with international repute, Mr. Kamran Musa was amazed and impressed to find that a big chunk of ISO requirements are already in place in SPS.

Under the agreement with PIQC Institute of Quality, many quality awareness seminars, workshops, trainings, gap analysis, formation of quality circles and other related activities have been successfully accomplished. Preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions and other documentation have been completed. All the systems operating in various departments of SPS are being further streamlined and aligned as per directives of SPS quality consultants. It is hoped that all this fulfilling of quality requirements and alignment will be completed upto June 2010 and SPS will then apply for evaluation and ISO certification to some international certification awarding body. Hopefully, with the

100% complete enactment of QMS in SPS, the education standards will get a substantial boost and SPS will become par excellence with any educational institution of the world.