ADMISSIONS > Guidelines for Parents and Guardians


Education of Children is the joint responsibility of the parents/guardians and the College/School. A close liaison between the parents/guardians and the institution will go a long way in having maximum educational benefits to the children. For this purpose, the following guidelines are laid down for the parents/guardians:

1) Parents/guardians are welcome to get their complaints/suggestions/recommendation recorded on telephone on all working days at any time during working hours. They may even send these in writing to the principal. Action will be taken accordingly.

2) They can see the Principal in her/his office from 1:00 hours to 2:00 hours on all working days after obtaining a prior appointment on the telephone. Except in case of an emergency or in any unavoidable circumstances, the Principal will not attend to any parent who does not have a prior appointment.

3) The parents should attend parent teachers meetings (PTM) to keep themselves abreast with performance of their children/wards in academics and other activities.

4) On the last Saturday of every month, the parents are welcome to visit the School/College to discuss the problems of their child with the teacher concerned.

5) The School/College dues must be paid as per payment schedule within due date.

6) They are required to cooperate with the institution in matters regarding discipline, uniform, attendance/punctuality and general behavior of their Children/Wards.

7) They are to ensure that their Children/Wards fully abide by the College/School rules and regulations.

8) They are to keep a check on the performance of their Children/Wards in all the examinations.

9) They are to abide by the policies and regulations of the College/School in respect of discipline, educational methods, and promotions/detentions.

10) They are not to send their Children/Wards to College/School in case they are suffering from any contagious disease.

11) They are to make complaints, if any, to the College/School Principal and not to argue or corresponded with any staff member (teaching/non-teaching).

12) They are not to visit classrooms and Academic blocks during the College/School hours, unless permitted to do so.

13) They are to provide a congenial atmosphere to their Children/Wards at home for their studies and ensure that their Children/Wards do their homework regularly.

14) They are to read and sign for having seen any notice, rules and regulations and written warnings/Result Card sent or intimated to them by the Institution. They must apply in writing a month in advance for the withdrawal of their child/ward.