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Evolution of a society composed of such ideal persons who can gracefully survive in a competitive future and can sail their boats against all odds is really a challenging job, the undertaking of which is need of the hour. It is a dire need of the time that we left aside our national habit of looking to foreign resources at the time of our suffering and simultaneously holding these foreign powers responsible for our petty miseries and abuse them for their alleged hegemony.

We must realize that nations who rely on others, lose their right to exist and thus we must strive hard to strengthen our own educational and technological base which will surely lead us to our real freedom. This honourable way of self-reliance will not only preserve our freedom in true sense but will also go a long way in sustaining our cultural heritage and ideology by virtue of their good education, the developed nations have excelled so ahead of us that to keep pace with them is a most daunting task. Merely the steady advancement in education will not work. To bridge this gap we have to take steps by leaps and bounds for which exercising untiring efforts are the call of the day.

SPS is viewing this national aspiration for self-reliance through his services and has taken up its share from the task as a mission to illuminate a relatively isolated area with the rays of good education.

Well aware of the fact that the young generation of any nation is the hope of her future which can play a pivotal role in determining the destiny of a nation, the goal oriented mission of SPS is exclusively meant for making sincere efforts with requisite determination to prepare this generation with sound educational base so that they can significantly contribute in national development and prosperity.

The major purpose of our efforts is to provide that constructive knowledge to our students with which they can come up to shoulder their responsibilities of practical life in a befitting manner. By inculcating the qualities of confidence, leadership and self-reliance, it is the sole objective of SPS teaching staff to teach the young students in such a way that they may keep their heads high, not only in competitive examinations but also in other field of life demanding excellence. This cherished goal is also reflected by SPS Motto, To prepare the generation of today, to face the challenges of tomorrow.