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Boarders Rules and Regulations:

Boarders and their parents / guardians have to abide by the following rules:

1. Boarders shall remain in the hostel premises except during SPS teaching hours. No student shall be absent from the hostel without night permit after the roll call.

2. Boarders, (incase of unscheduled departure) while visiting their home, must obtain a permission slip from the hostel administration which they will compulsorily submit on rejoining the Hostel. The parents must send such authorized persons to Hostel for picking up and meeting their children who possess I.D. cards of parents/guardians along with written permission and whose names are present in Visitor Form.

3. Boarders are allowed to visit their homes on specified days as mentioned in the schedule. In case of unavoidable circumstances, the parents / guardians must inform the hostel administration in anticipation.

4. The parents/guardians may visit the hostel only on specified days and times.

5. Interference with the electric installation of the hostel by the students is not allowed. The boarders must ensure that the lights and fans are switched off when the rooms are unoccupied. They shall also see to it that the bathroom taps are not left open.

6. Boarders are expected to keep their rooms, verandah, bathrooms and hostel lawns clean and tidy. They should use the dust bins for waste disposal. Wall chalking and inscription of names on walls etc. is strictly prohibited .

7. The use of heaters and cookers is not permitted in the living rooms.

8. Monthly mess fee shall be paid in advance.

9. None of the boarder is allowed to run independent mess in any case.

10. Washing and ironing of the boarders uniforms is arranged by the hostel management.

11. Making telephone calls is allowed only on Saturday.

List of Items for Hostel:
1. Quran Majeed (1)
2. Pillow (to be provided by the institution) (1)
3. White Pillow Cases (to be provided by the institution) (2)
4. White Bed Sheets (to be provided by the institution) (1)
5. Blankets (2)
6. Towels (Bath Size) (2)
7. Jogger Shoes (White) (1 Pair)
8. Shoes (White) (1 Pair)
9. Black Shoes (Oxford toe) (2 Pairs)
10. Bedroom Slippers (1 Pair)
11. Linen Bag (1)
12a.Toilet requisites (soap, toothpaste, hair cream, black shoe polish (1 Set)
12b.white navy polish, tooth brush, soap dish, shoe brush, comb etc.) (1 Set)
13. Travelling Bag (1)
14. Trunk with locks (1)
15. Grey Tracksuit (1)
16. Mattress (5.5 x 2.5-ft) (2)