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SPS, a name that has been trusted for more than three (3) decades (since 1984) and a leading educational institution of the country, having a proud past of excellence in academics as well as character building.
SPS Timergara campus offers an inquiry based, child centered and academically rigorous curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social and emotional needs of each child.
From day first SPS focuses on nurturing the individuality of a student and to implant in them a balanced approach towards life challenges.
Upholding national and local values, here at SPS, students are greatly encouraged to appreciate the local and country culture and to seek opportunities to serve and care people and environment around them.
To make them morally strong and effective citizens of the country.
Opportunities and trainings to live out the school motto of preparing the generation of today to face the challenges of tomorrow s being instilled on regular basis.
SPS Timergara campus has different blocks for the students of the Kindergarten, Primary and Middle levels presently. Each block features a number of facilities designed to meet the specific requirements of the students.

SPS Timergara Campus