Sat September 23 2023

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Al-Fajar Foundation Swat Patient Diary

Muhammad Aziz S/o Syed Alam Foundation he used to go to Peshawar for Blood Transfusion. Other than his travelling cost most of the time he has to buy blood. Now he is also registered with Al-Fajar Foundation and is being provided free blood transfusion service. He belongs to a poor family and his father is a retired police constable, so it is difficult for him to cover all treatment cost. He has learnt sewing from his Aunt and now with the Grace of Almighty Allah he is a professional tailor. He is working in someone tailoring shop and gets percentage in each suit made by him. Aziz other two brothers are also stricken with Thalassemia, so they cannot easily bear all the expenses. He wants to start his own Tailoring Shop but because of finance deficit he cannot do it. His wish is that May Almighty Allah heals his disease that he could donate blood to any needy person like him.

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