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As the 21st Century unfolds, the circumstances continue to undergo substantial changes. Along with continues increase and development in occupational, technological and industrial sector, Social structures and social and personal values also continue to change and become more diverse. As these and other changes are taking place in society which ultimately left the students in loneliness. In order to cope his/her solitude the SPS strives to provide better guidance and counseling program which help the students to recognize them their worth and potentials using different tools and psychometric tests. As an outcome of these analysis students skills, knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievements of the students are augmented. Besides there with an aim to assess the hidden potentialities, talents and inclinations of its students concerning their future careers, SPS has already launched Career Counseling Programs. Renowned career counselors of the country are invited who strive to put students on right track with regard to their future career in the light of their intellectual assessment. Consultations meetings with parents are also arranged from time to time during the course of career assessment. Moreover, career counselors will urge upon them for their character building so that they become able to evolve into better human beings along with becoming promising professionals of the society.