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Established in May, 2013, SPS Matta Campus is a sub branch of SPS College Swat, having its Head Office in Rahimabad, Mingora, Swat. The Campus comprises of two sections i.e. Boys (5th-10th) and junior Girls section (Nursery - 10th). The Junior Section is headed by its female head and staff while the Boys section by male head and staff. The Campus like other campuses of the chain primarily concerns educating the generation in the truest sense of the term. It aims at the overall development of child personality i.e. both Mental and Physical.

The establishment of the campus at Matta is a bonus point for the people of the area. The locals had to travel a long way to the campuses at Mingora and there the problem of boarding was an issue. With the establishment of Matta Campus, the problem has been resolved and greatly facilitated the locals, parents and students indeed.

Since its inception, SPS Matta Campus is now busy ardent in providing quality education to its readers by dent of highly qualified well experienced teaching staff. Every educational opportunity is exploited for the better learning of the students. We make all possible efforts in educating the younger generation.

SPS Matta Campus is an equipped institution of modern teaching methodologies and aids. It arranges for the newest AV-Aids, Science Labs, and Computer Labs for the students and vocational training sessions for the teaching staff. The courses offered are much up to the demand and keeping with the tide of the time. Proper inculcation of the prescribed syllabus is insured. Regular eye on syllabus follow-up, course completion and notebook checking is kept.

Together with curriculum co-curricular activities have been given top most priority. Speech competition, Hikes, sports and social welfare activities have also been a prior concern of us.
Students-Teachers-Parents Triangle has been worked out so as to keep a watch on students when outside the school premises and may reach the depth of the students activities. Suggestions of the parents are asked and welcomed for the betterment of the organization.

Students home visits have also been made as compulsory on each teacher part to insure proper education of the child under surveillance.