Thu May 28 2020

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Cultural Program for Foreign Students by the Alumni Office

The office of Alumni organized an Open Cultural program for the foreign students of IIUI. The event was honored by Alumni who also participated in the activities at hand. The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Indonesianand Afghani students, followed by activities involving the students from every culture. Every nation presented different skits, poems and solo performances including acting by the Chinese students that mesmerized the audience fully at heart.
The in-charge of the Alumni Hafiz Mohammad Anwar declared the cultural program to be open and he encouragedmore of foreign students to participate in such healthy activities. Moreover the office presented its own fun activities that indulged the students and created an energetic atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, this included activities like,the hanging apple, spoon race, basketball, tongue twisters, treasure hunt and more. These activities were managed by the office and the Alumni itself which included Mr. Omar (Usulludin, 2001), Mr. Bilal Qureshi (Usulludin 1999, 2005), Mr. Sohail Khan (L.L.B 2009) and Mr. Shaoib Khan (L.L.B 2009).
The program went on for more than 3 hours and was welcomed by over 250 foreign students. All the participants of the program were awarded gift hampers, collectable items, and prize money for their contribution towards such a profound evening well spent. Each student enjoyed the program and whole heartedly presented their gratitude and appreciations to the office of Alumni and the Alumni that took part in making this program memorable. The Alumni also were given shields and tokens of appreciation for their efforts and participation towards the program and their commitment in making this evening a splendid one.

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