Thu August 22 2019

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What is Keystone STARS?

Have you heard the term and seen the materials about Keystone STARS but dont really know what it is or what it means for the Early Learning/School-Age Program your child is in? Here is some information that may help you put the pieces together and help you understand what Keystone STARS is all about.
Keystone STARS rates child care programs from one to four STARS on things you care about such as: meets state regulations for safety, offers kid-friendly atmosphere with good teachers that partner with you to help your child learn. Programs that participate in Keystone STARS earn a STAR 1 to STAR 4 based on quality standards that measure:
Staff education - early childhood teachers have the training and knowledge for working with young children.
Classroom/Learning environment - the program has a variety of materials and activities for each age level that makes it possible for children to learn something new every day.
Including families and the community - families and community members are encouraged to become part of the childs learning progress.
Leadership and Management - a quality program has to have sound business practices to ensure your childs safety and early learning.

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