Thu August 22 2019

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Stages of Social Development

As we mentioned above social skills are important for all children to learn. They will help them throughout their life. But, children dont learn and develop their social skills all at one time. Here is a guideline of the social skills and cues children should develop by age groups. 2 to 3 year olds
Seek attention from others.
Say hi and bye along with the hand motions
Look at the person talking to them
Take turns talking
Laugh at silly objects or events 3 to 5 year olds
Take turns playing games
Initiate verbal communication
Cooperate with other children
Use direct requests such as stop
Role play as mom or dad
Have a tendency to tattle
5 to 7 year olds
Able to use Im sorry, Please, Thank You appropriately
Play competitive games
Understand fair play and good sportsmanship
Can empathize with others
Maintain and shift topics appropriately in conversations
May not still understand the clear difference between right and wrong.
May not take direction well Tips for Teaching Social Skills
Teaching empathy - for older children run through scenarios and ask your child how people might feel.
Taking turns - sit and play with your child at least once a day and explain how to wait, take turns, and share.
Personal space - explain what personal space is and practice acceptable ways to interact with others during play.

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