Sat September 23 2023

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Mind Your Manners

We want our children to grow up with perfect manners. Our children should say please and thank you and treat everyone with respect at all times... right? Sometimes we think that these skills should come naturally for our children. But just like everything else our children need to learn these skills. As parents we need to teach our children proper social skills and we need to practice what we preach because our children are always watching. Basic social skills are necessary as our children grow and develop. Social skills are not just learning to say please and thank you but they include. communicating, problem-solving, decision making, self-management, and relationship skills. All of these skills will help our children succeed in school and in life. Having good socials skills will help children to be confident and happy. Exposing your children to different situations and to other people can help them in developing these skills. Play dates with other families will help teach your child how to get along with other children. As they interact they will learn about following rules, sharing, working with others, communication skills and so much more. Just remember, social skills need to be refined and developed as your child grows and develops.

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