ADMISSIONS > Guidelines for Upcomming SPSians

You are an aspirant of getting-admission in SPS. After admission you will be rightly called an SPSian and under the circumstances you will become a responsible student of a prestigious academic institution. In such case, it is desired that you will consider yourself as a very dynamic and integral part of this institution and by virtue of a whole hearted concentration on your studies and character build up, you will be instrumental in further enhancement of its intellectual and moral prestige. You will be expected to work diligently with sole determination to leave no stone unturned in fulfilling all those high ideals and aspirations which have been pinned by near and dear ones for your bright future. In this regard it is hoped that you will strictly follow the below given SPS commandments during your academic tenure in this institution:

1. You will abide by all rules and regulations as laid down in the SPS prospectus and as promulgated from time to time. You will alwaysuphold to the golden tradition of SPS exemplary disciplinary system.

2. You will never indulge in any sort of undesirable, unethical and immoral activities at the campus and outside the campus, which may tarnish the image and bring bad name to this institution. Out side the campus, you will try to confine your company to most polished, morally sound, intellectual and positive thinking students of your age group. Besides healthy entertainment, your leisure time should also be centered round the informative discussions which can expand your mental horizons.

3. You will never adopt unfair means in home-tests and board examination etc., as this act will constitute a gross violation of SPS disciplinary code and may lead to your expulsion from the institution.

4. You will extend due respect to your teachers and will obey their orders and will always be punctual and regular in attending a class.

5. You will always be courteous with every one and will keep good friendly relations with all your classmates. You will be required to have regards for your juniors. You will be expected to take due care for the self esteem and delicate feelings of others by never discussing, pointing, commenting, jeering or raising an issue pertaining to a poor or low (in others eyes) background of some ones racial, regional. religious, ethnic, lingual, sectarian, or family-profession.

6. You will never use abusive or filthy language nor raise any sort of quarrel with any one on any matter.

7. You will take keen interest in each lecture delivered in the class and will ensure yourself that you have completely comprehended all the contents of a given lecture.

8. Besides regularly and faithfully doing your assignments at home, you will also spare time for reviewing the day lectures and also for introductory perusal of next day lecture/chapters/topics/texts etc. according to a study time table at your home.
This will greatly facilitate the understanding of a new lecture.

9. At the end of the chapter in every subject you should be certain that you have followed all lectures with full spirit and now you are in a position to answer any question, written or oral, anywhere and at any time.

10. You will diligently carry out the duties assigned to you during any curricular and co-curricular events with utmost zeal, responsibility and to the best of your abilities. Such duties are aimed to increase your management skills.

11. You will always consider the SPS property as sacred asset and will regard the premises and all its paraphernalia as of your own home and will never resort to cause any damage, directly or indirectly, to any of its belongings. You are neither expected to indulge in an act of stealing etc. Consciousness towards the environmental hygiene and maintenance of an orderly, sound and clean surrounding is also a desirable trait of a civilized citizen.

12. Spreading of false rumours, wall-chalking and noise making are considered as uncivilized ethics and a good SPSian is not expected to indulge in these unethical habits.

13. You will also be expected to take due care of your personal cleanliness, hygiene and overall general appearance. Neat, clean and tidy dress along with a mature and sober appearance of a person always speaks high for him/her and leaves good impression on others.

14. Keeping in view the tough competitive era ahead, you will make every effort to further widen your intellectual horizons. You must not overlook the fact that achieving fluency in written and oral communications, is of utmost urgency. So you will be expected to ardently participate in the activities leading to boost self-confidence. Similarly participation in various scheduled sport activities will also be a good omen for a healthy build up of your physical and mental parameters.

15. With sharp observational senses and an earnestness for more awareness, you will be expected to keep yourself updated with current issues and events of the country and also of the world at large, and will try to take inspirations from the sound and healthy views, expressed in literature and media. You will build an opinion about an issue or event and will enable yourself to express this opinion in gatherings with solid arguments and objectivity,

16. You will make it an aim in your life to be a man of character and encourage others to do so.