Sun March 29 2020



The Head Office of SPS plays a pivotal role in running the affairs of all the Sections and Campuses of the institution. The Director is the overall controlling authority of the SPS Education System. He is an ex officio Chairman of Service Selection and Management Board (SSMB). The SPS Director was the elected Chairman of Quality and Productivity Society of Pakistan (QPSP).

SPS Head Office is basically a think tank of a vibrant and quality conscious organization with a futuristic look. The organization reshapes and brings further improvement in its system and operational culture.

SPS is proud to be among the few leading educational institutes of the country which has undertaken this resource intensive but cost effective activity. The basic function of Head Office is to collect feedback data, monitor, evaluate and analyze the issues pertaining to Quality Management System (QMS), curricula, examinations, internal tests, results, students aptitudes, teaching methodologies, professional development of teachers and other related matters.

For this purpose various functions of head office distributed as.

1. Examinations

2. Evaluations

3. I.T Database

4. Curriculum

5. Publications

6. Quality Assurance Programe

7. HR Training and Development

8. R and D

9. Regular Visit to Campuses

10. Career Counseling

11. Parenting Workshops