Keeping in view the spirit of its motto, To prepare the generation of to-day, to face the challenges of tomorrow, it has always been an endeavor of SPS Education System to embellish its students with latest tools and skills to harness the newly emerging trends in education for keeping pace with the galloping world. So that this generation may not feel any deficiency in encountering the challenges, which they are going to face in the forthcoming practical life. The recently established Students Quality Control Circles (SQCC) in SPS Pakistan is a quantum leap in this direction. SQCCs are the small teams of students and teachers who jointly work for identification of various issues, rotting the social fabric of society, at large.


Building a new generation with Quality Mind and Personality, i.e.
Total Quality Personality (TQP)
Improving Problem Solving of Students
Building Team Work
Improving Public Speaking
Creating Vision of Quality in Students
Improving Self Esteem, Confidence, Creativity,
Responsibility and Planning Skills in students