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The education system of SPS intends to provide a value based education to students studying at each campus of SPS. The personality of each student is framed from head to toe that not only targets the students academics but all of his/her life pattern. It is the education that could meet the Global standards and our students could strive in the challenging markets both in National and International level. We also believe that same objective could be achieved after the proper selection of Curricula which is designed in the SPS by a qualified and selected team.

In Pre-Primary Level Education the management is focused on Total Personality Development of a student. It includes the development of a student from Head to Toe through the following eight domains,

  1. Cognitive Domain
  2. Language Skills
  3. Emotional development
  4. Social Development
  5. Physical Domain
  6. Life Saving Skills
  7. Technological Skills
  8. Spiritual Domain

The teaching in such Classes is totally activity based learning. The students are facilitated by their teachers in the Classroom just to enhance their curiosity to learn more. Similarly, Color days and recreation in such classes do value addition in the personality development of the students.

In addition to this, from Primary Level to Higher Level Classes the SPS Education System is mainly designed in the scope of three domains,

  1. Cognitive Domain
  2. Affective Domain
  3. Psychomotor Domain

We believe that each domain has 33% role in a successful personality. In order to excel a student in Cognitive Domain the Academic Curriculum of SPS is designed after a critical review process by a qualified team. The curriculum is designed keeping in view the dynamic situation of society and as per international standards. With this end every teacher is also being involved in various training and development programs which help them in achieving the curriculum objectives.