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Education is one of the very few lasting gifts we can offer our children. SPS aims to provide such an education in a caring and supportive environment. The school grew out of a proud tradition of holistic approach since 1984 and have made remarkable progress since then.

However, a meaningful education is not only about academic achievement, It is also about nurturing the unique potential of each young boy and girl on their journey to becoming successful and happy people, who can confidently take their place and make a difference in an ever-changing world.

SPS Batkhela campus is located on the picturesque swat Peshawar road at Batkhela. A well-equipped infrastructure has been built up and includes classrooms, boarding and sporting facilities. i.e. A three stories building with a huge playground and car parking facilities. It is staffed by a committed and talented group of teachers who provide a diverse range of academic, sporting and cultural activities from 0700 in the morning to 2.00 in the afternoon.

The institution was initially in 2012 started as School, imparting education from primary up to secondary level. However, a necessity was being felt for an up to the mark private sector intermediate level science college in Malakand valley. SPS Batkhela campus has to offer you and your child in the three-way-partnership that is the key characteristic of an integrated education.

SPS Batkhela Campus