Tue March 31 2020

SPS Girls Campus > Campus Facilities

A proper library with an office and a reading room fulfill the information needs of the students and teachers throughout the year. The Library has continuously been improved not only in the collection of books, but also as an instrument for the assistance of study and research.

A.V Room:
A proper and well furnished A.V room and Conference room along with multimedia and internet access provide the information base education to the students and Teachers on diverse subjects.
According to the needs of the students SPS also get services of famous educationalist and professionals Skillful personalities to enhance the knowledge of the students in different field of life.

SPS Girls Campus has the facilities of well furnished and equipped laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These labs are fully equipped from all scientific instruments which meet to the needs of the students.

Along with curriculum activities SPS Girls Campus also has prominent position in co-curriculum activities. SPS Girls Campus takes participation in BISE Swat sports gala i.e. Volley ball, Badmenton, Table tennis etc and get prominent position.